Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan factory is one of the most prominent steel-based products manufacturing factories, which during its years of activity and with the help of experienced experts, produces and markets high-quality and standard products such as rebars. Among these products, there are various types of rebars in different sizes and different composition, which are made according to the highest standards in the world and can easily meet your needs in construction. In the following, we will discuss the details and features of the products that we have produced and presented with effort and effort and up-to-date knowledge to be an effective guide in your choice and bring you closer to having a safe and standard structure.

Production and sales of rebar; Expertise of the Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Company

Rebar, as the main product of Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan, is produced and supplied by taking into account the laws and standards of the world and applying sensitivity and precision. In our collection, these solid and circular parts are molded in plain, spiral ribbed, twill ribbed and, compound ribbed shapes and are manufactured and, in production units. Making different types of rebar in different shapes and treads allows you to choose the product you need more easily and use it comfortably. Like all the top rebar manufacturers in the world, the rebars produced by our collection are divided into three categories A1, A2 and, A3 in terms of grade. The rebars produced by Safalchegan Rebar Factory have a good variety in terms of resistance and strength for use in structures, and you can order a variety of soft to semi-hard and hard rebars for your architectural projects.


Compositions of our rebars

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of rebar production, Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Holding is trying to play a key role in increasing the export of steel products and foreign currency income of the country by improving the quality level of the manufactured products. Our experts try to improve the production quality of these popular steel products by benefiting from the most up-to-date and reliable rebar production standards.


Spiral ribbed rebar

Ribbed rebars are produced with two different marks, ribbed 340 and ribbed 350, both of which have relatively the same ingredients; However, it is possible that the percentage of minerals involved in the formula may be slightly different from each other. Ribbed 340 product does not contain nitrogen and these products are provided to customers with CE (max) standards of 0.50 and 0.51.

Twill and composite rebars

Among our very diverse and efficient products, the twill pattern includes 400 and 420 ribbed rebar and the compound pattern includes 500 and 520 ribbed rebar.None of theses rebars in their lower ribbed models, i.e. 400 and 500, contain Nitrogen in their composition.Instead, they contain carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur as their composition; Whereas, higher ribbed samples such as 420 ribbed and 520 ribbed stand out with CE(max) standards of 0.56 and 0.61.

Simple rebar

The first type of the rebar products of our factory is the simplest type of rebar, which is produced by combining simple materials. There is no instance of carbon and nitrogen in this piece, and elements such as silicon, manganese, phosphorous and, sulfur are the basic materials of this product. You can identify plain rebar with the symbol S240 among our other products.

Bring security and standard to your structure with our steel rebar

Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Steel Company is one of the companies that has achieved many honors in the field of rebar production during the last decade with the help of experts and scientists in the technical team. One of the main products of this unit includes rebars with various diameter sizes, which makes it easy for you to select rebars of any size and use. This is not the only advantage of the rebars produced by us; Because Pardis Steel has been able to provide a good package as practical rebars for the architectural industry by forming these rebars in simple shapes, spiral ribbed, twill ribbed and compound ribbed. We at Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Trade Company are constantly trying to improve the quality of our products and bring more security to your structures by strengthening the quality of raw materials and making winning compounds.

Tensile properties of plain and ribbed rebars


Tensile strength

We recommend that you buy a minimum tensile strength of 360 kg/cm2, these numbers increase as the complexity of the rib on the rebars increases. The spiral, twill and composite rebars of our collection have 340, 500, 400, 600 and finally 500 and 690 kg/cm2 yield strength and tensile strength in each sample. These numbers indicate the high quality and good resistance of the rebar and can ensure the security of your structure.


Yielding strength

 With complete mastery of the method of strengthening rebars, the team of the trade industry of the Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan has been able to produce rebars in its production units that comply with the conditions and standards of the world in terms of strengthening standards; Therefore, you can use simple rebars with a minimum yield strength of 240, spiral ribbed rebars with a minimum of 340 and 350 and a maximum of 455 respectively, twill rebars with a minimum value of 400 and 420 and a maximum value of 545, and ultimately, composite rebars with the minimum value of 500 and 520 and the maximum value of 675 kg/cm2

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rebar does Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azarbaijan Company produce?

The products produced in the Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Company include various types of rebars in simple, spiral ribbed, twill ribbed and, compound ribbed types.

What compounds are the rebars of Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Company made of?

The composition of the rebars of the Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Company varies according to the selected sample; However, generally materials such as carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and, other organic materials have been used in them. 

How can I get advice about Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Company rebars?

You can get free advice by visiting the offices at the addresses mentioned on the site or by calling our sales representatives.