Rebar Exports

Rebar Exports

Iran is ranked 14th in the Production of Steel Products such as rebar. As a result, the exports of rebar has been one of the profitable industrial activities in the recent years.

In the years before that, selling raw material was not desirable and therefore avoided.The Sanat Tejarat Padis Ajerbaijan industial group has acquired valuable experience in exporting rebar to

Various countries like Georgia, Pakistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Aman, Iraq, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, and Afghanistan. Thereby, while establishing a trustable

Reputation, it has been able to pave the road for exporting Iranian Steel Products to European countries and play a key role in the development of rebar exports. This industrial group

has put tremendous effort in producing and offering steel products in accordance with the national and world standards to satisfy the consumers worldwide.

You can enjoy the quality of our steel products by just dialing +98416170 to get in touch with one of our professional sales consultants.

Stages of Rebar Export


Registering an Order

First, the customer contacts a sales representative and obtains the technical specifications as well as the price of the product. After agreements on the price and quantity of the products, the order is taken by the sales representative.


Proforma Invoice

A proforma Invoice is issued to the customer that includes information such as the product specifications, price, final weight and producing factory name.


Documents for Exporting goods

Customs Department Declaration

Customs Department Declaration, Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin

Special features of Sanat Tejarat Pardis Tejarat Ajerbaijan exported rebar

Products that are compatible with the most up to date world standards

One of the most major parameters in the production of rebar for exploring purposes is to consider international standards in its production as well as presenting reliable technical analysis for the product. In the event where the exported products are not compliant with international standards, the goods are returned from the destination country and impose financial loss upon the exporter. Our technicians at the Salafchegan factory employ the most advanced and precise techniques to manufacture quality products with international standards for best customer satisfaction.

Reasonable Pricing and Customer Satisfaction

In addition to compliance with international standards, appropriate and fair pricing is an attractive feature of our export rebar. Upon monitoring the daily price of rebar, you will notice the various factors in price fluctuations of this product. As a result, being offered a reasonable price is considered an excellent advantage. The reason for this price variation can be found in the existence of many competitors.




Advantages of using the Sanat Tejarat Pardis Ajerbaijan Company’s Export Services

The Sanat Tejarat Pardis Azerbaijan Holding Company has been active in the production of rebar for over 10 years. The company strives to employ the most advanced and up to date

techniques to produce rebar with the highest international standards in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Receiving Support and Guarantee

All of our products are guaranteed and upon placing an order you will have no worries about the product delivery and the possible delivery problems.

Receiving Free consulting

According to the complicated rebar production for export, you will be directed to one of our experts to determine the best suited products to your needs

Economic Pricing

Appropriate and reasonable pricing is considered an important advantage in the rebar exports. Fortunately, all of our products specially rebar are reasonably priced. Observing the daily price of these products will convince you of this fact.

High Quality of Products

Considering the fact that our experts in production of rebar, employ the highest standards in manufacturing of the product, considering the ease of obtaining Certificate of Standard for our products, and considering the fact there have been no instances of product returns due to the low production standards, we can proudly and confidently claim that our industrial group is simply capable of producing the best steel products.